Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damage clean up

Flooded basements are no match for us. After receiving the call our crew was out there within just a few hours to begin extracting all the water and cleaning up what was damaged. 

Removing wet drywall.

Mike is cutting the drywall that was affected by the basement flooding. The homeowner's sump pump backed up and affected the majority of the basement. By removing the wet insulation and drywall it will help prevent mold growth. 

Removing Insulation

Removing insulation from a water damage to prevent having a mildew smell and mold growth. It is always best to remove and dry out any affected area to prevent mold growing in your home or business. 

Flooded basement clean up

Mike is pulling out the wet pad from a customers flooded basement. After pulling all of the wet pad our crew set up fans to dry out the concrete and carpet. 

Water damage from the recent storm

A family experienced a frightening incident during the recent storm. A tree fell on their home causing a hole in their roof. Water then came in and leaked from the upstairs to the downstairs kitchen! As you can see the homeowners placed tubs and buckets to catch as much water as they could. Our crews are working hard to restore their home back to the way it was before!

Equipment set to dry out a water damage

For this job our crews were called out to work on a fire and water damage. This room was affected by the water that was used to put the fire out in the conjoining room. Luckily this room was not affected by the fire! Our crews extracted the water and dried out the customers room. 

Drying out a water damaged home

Our crew was sent out to a home that had a lot of water damage. We set up fans and dehumidifiers to make their home look "Like it never even happened."

Setting equipment in a crawl space

For this particular water damage our crew had to set fans in the crawl space to dry it out. It is important that all the wet areas in your home are dried completely to prevent mold growth.  .